Equivity Digital Advertising Portfolio

banner advertising

Digital advertising through banners (also known as display advertising) promotes a brand and can take the visitor from the host website to the advertiser’s website or landing page. Banner advertising is popular for websites that utilize Google Ads and is designed to draw traffic to the intended link. Equivity’s team of graphic designers and marketing experts can help you develop a banner campaign that increases brand awareness and generates leads. Banner advertising success can be easily measured by looking at the click-through rate (CTR). The higher the CTR, the more successful the ad.

Social media advertising

When you advertise on social media, you are advertising to get results: more followers and more conversions. Equivity can help you develop your goals for social media advertising, including an increase in likes and follows, as well as clicks to your website. Equivity’s social media experts will work with you to determine the best fit for your business and your goals.


Equivity marketing professionals can help you create all the essentials for a successful email campaign, including custom email templates, landing pages, spec analysis, and great followups for conversions.