How To Achieve Your 2019 Growth Goals

by | Dec 13, 2018 | Marketing

As 2018 comes to an end, business owners are turning their attention to 2019, likely with a focus on growth. Growth is dependent on a number of factors, some manageable, others not. One factor that leaders have the most control over is marketing. When marketing is firing on all cylinders, it drives awareness and conversions. Marketing is the beating heart behind growth and it can easily be the difference between hitting or missing growth goals. 

But for many business owners, marketing does not come naturally. You may have built your business because you are a great attorney, or you’ve created an amazing organic bath and body product, or your software serves a niche that no other software does.  That is what you should be focusing on, not marketing. So if you’re not planning on going back to school to get a degree in marketing, how can you, as a business owner, implement a powerful marketing program to meet your growth goals for 2019?   

Define Your Goals

The very first step to hitting your growth goals is to establish the goals of your marketing program. In our article, Hitting a Bullseye: How to Define and Reach Small Business Marketing Goals, we took a look at exactly what you need to consider when establishing your marketing program. Take a look at how to create your marketing end goal, how to improve performance, and how to set and keep a marketing budget. 

Find Some Help

If marketing isn’t first nature to you, you are certainly not alone. If payroll doesn’t come naturally to you, you can utsourced it. Marketing is just as vital to your business as payroll and just as specialized in its execution. We wrote about how businesses can embrace outsourced marketing in our article, Supercharge Your Marketing Strategy. The article talks about the steps you need to take to successfully outsource your marketing.  

Get to Work!

Once you’ve identified your marketing goals and acknowledged you can’t get there on your own, the final step is to get your program running. Business owners are turning to virtual marketing assistants for a huge variety of tasks. In our article, Marketing Tasks to Delegate to Your Virtual Assistant, we look at delegated tasks that have a huge impact on driving awareness and conversion for companies.  

 The potential of the New Year is limitless. Your business growth depends on a robust, active marketing program. A virtual marketing assistant can help you meet those goals by taking the burden of your marketing campaigns off your shoulders.   

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