Fitness Businesses: Help Your Clients Stay Fit Even When They Stay In

by | Mar 18, 2020 | Marketing, Office Management, Productivity, Startup, Virtual Assistant, Workplace

The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted our lives in many ways, including the disruption of our daily routines and businesses.  However, uncertainty and disruption do not render us powerless.  Over the next few days, we are going to be releasing some short blogs with steps that business owners, who have been disrupted by COVID-19, can take to soldier on through the pandemic. 

Today we’re going to focus on businesses in the fitness industry, including gyms, yoga studios, and pilates classes.  These businesses have been impacted by local government regulations, that include occupancy restrictions and limitations on movement, making it impossible for clients to work out and attend classes in person. 

But there are ways for gyms, fitness studios, and trainers to engage their clientele online even with government restrictions in place. 

  1. Online Streaming of Classes:  Just because your clients are restricted by travel, doesn’t mean that they do not need exercise.  In fact, with limited mobility, they need exercise more than ever.  Modify existing classes or create new ones that can be done at home with limited equipment.  Set up videoconferences on Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Skype. 
  2. Create Long-Term Packages:  While there is uncertainty as to how long the pandemic will last, the restrictions on movement will end.  Develop discounted long-term packages for your clients that offer value for them, while creating revenue for you in the short term.  You can also combine this with the online offerings discussed in suggestion 1 above. 
  3. Maintain a Social Media Presence:  Many individuals who consistently work out in the same classes have a real sense of loyalty and camaraderie.  Right now, people have a strong desire to break through social isolation.  So encourage members of classes to interact on social media.  Trainers can post tips or videos of their latest workouts.  Members can share how they’ve been keeping busy and plan for what they’ll do once restrictions are lifted.
  4. Gift Certificates:  If you don’t offer gift certificates yet, start doing so now.  This allows loyal clients to help support your business now in exchange for benefits later. 

If you’re in the fitness industry and have discovered a successful way to persevere during the pandemic, share it on our Facebook or Twitter sites.  If you’re looking for help reaching your users online, we’d be happy to help

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