Busy? 10 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Make Your Life Easier

by | Jul 23, 2015 | Virtual Assistant

Maybe you’ve just come home after a late night at the office…Or you’ve just returned from a week-long business trip. Maybe you’ve finally put the kids to bed after being on your feet since the early morning. You probably don’t have the time or energy to tackle that to-do list that seems to grow longer and longer.

You don’t need to. A virtual assistant can handle those tasks so you can focus on what’s important to you.

Here are 10 things that your virtual assistant can help you with:

  1. So Many Services, So Little Time. Be it a doctor, dentist, handyman, plumber, house cleaner, painter or mover, finding the right professional for the job can be a time consuming and exhaustive process. A virtual assistant can research, provide recommendations and book an appointment for you.
  2. No More Holiday Drama. Well at least not of the gift-giving kind.Any idea what your grandmother wants for her 50th anniversary? What toy might appeal to your six-year old nephew? Your virtual assistant is on it, ready to suggest a range of gifts and complete the purchase.
  3. Managing Important Dates. Of course you can’t purchase that gift if you don’t remember that it’s grandma’s anniversary. A virtual assistant can remind you not only of upcoming dates of importance, but also keep track of those things that can slip through the cracks. You may have forgotten your car needs to go in for an oil check, but your virtual assistant hasn’t.
  4. Party Time! Event planning, whether you are willingly doing it, or have “volunteered” under duress, is extremely time consuming. Whether it is a birthday party, bridal shower or anniversary celebration, your virtual assistant can research options, coordinate logistics, arrange for catering, even send invitations and handle RSVPs. Party. Planned.
  5. Getting a Sweet New Pad: Your virtual assistant can scan online listings for available rentals that meet your criteria, and schedule times for you to see the apartment.
  6. Doggie Day Care. There’s a lot that your virtual assistant can do to help you care for your favorite furry friend.She can find a dog walker and research places for your pet to stay while you’re out of town. She can even remind you about and book appointments at the vet.
  7. Researching Pre-Schools. The stress of the prospect of researching and finding the right school is right up there with root canals and public speaking. Let your virtual assistant relieve some of the pressure by researching potential schools, compiling a report of relevant schools and booking tours.
  8. Get Me Outta Here! What are the must-see islands in Greece? Where are the best snorkling spots in Australia? Where can I go bourbon tasting in Kentucky? Let your virtual assistant create an itinerary, suggest flights, hotels, and activities.
  9. I missed Journey…AGAIN? How many times have you learned too late that your favorite comedian or band was in town? Have your virtual assistant monitor the web to make sure you don’t miss the next performance and buy tickets ahead of time.
  10. Sell! Sell! Sell! Whether it’s your car, clothes or 10-year old couch, someone will be happy to take it off your hands. However, you don’t have time to post an ad online, deal with the responses, and negotiate for the best price.Delegate these tasks to your virtual assistant to avoid the hassle and free up valuable real estate in your crowded apartment.

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