A Marketing Agency’s Best Friend: Using White Labeled Virtual Marketing Assistants

by | Oct 1, 2019 | Marketing, Virtual Assistant

Why do people come to you for marketing assistance?  Maybe it’s because you have unique ideas for getting their message out.  Maybe it’s a creative turn for marketing.  Maybe it’s the level of understanding you have for their business.  

Whatever the advantage you offer your clients, you probably spend a lot of your time on tasks that are, at best, tangentially related to those strengths. Time spent on implementation of services could be more profitably spent on developing new strategies, refining existing strategies, or business development. You need help, but want to maintain your brand. The solution? White labeling virtual marketing assistant services. 

What is white labeling? How is it different than outsourcing?  

“White labeling” is when you contract services from another company and provide those services to your customers under your own name and brand. Whereas outsourcing can be white-labeled, it is not necessarily part of the relationship. White labeling differs in that the services are presented fully under your company and brand. You are technically outsourcing client work, but to a trusted partner that has agreed to provide quality work under your own. 

I’m a marketing agency? Why would I hire someone else to do marketing? 

White labeling virtual marketing assistants for your agency offers a way to better leverage your agency’s in-house skills. It enables you to focus on your core strengths, without having to neglect other areas.  

Two primary areas are: 

  • Complimentary: Perhaps you have stellar writers and bloggers, but do not have staff with expertise in social media. Instead of hiring on a whole new employee for social media, or having to tell your clients you don’t offer social media services, you can white-label virtual marketing assistants with an expertise in social media as your own. 
  • Supplementary: Having too much business is a great problem to have. Unless it impacts your own employees’ ability to get quality work done and meet deadlines. White labeling virtual marketing assistant services allows you to have enough bandwidth to provide your clients with quality service and not overwhelm your current employees.  

What to look for in a white-label marketing agency 

Quality. First and foremost, you’ll want to work with quality virtual marketing professionals. They will be white-labeled as your own employees, so it’s critical you utilize a high-quality service that you’ll be proud to have represented you. 

Trustworthy partners. Someone that can take on your brand and be nimble and flexible so they can seamlessly integrate with your company and your culture. A team player that can work well with others. 

Consistency.  If you’re going to outsource implementation, you need assurance that you’ll get consistent work product back.  For this reason, a single-source model will likely work better than relying on multiple independent contractors.  You want a provider who will vet the virtual marketing assistants to ensure that they have the right level of talent, and to provide the requisite supervision.  

Security. Your clients expect you to keep their information secure and you should expect the same from your white labeling provider.  Obviously, keeping your clients’ information safe is key to maintaining your client’s trust, particularly if you are handling a sensitive rollout, like a new product or brand.  You should also be careful that your agency’s information is protected.  Your templates and strategies should remain yours. Ask any provider you consider working with as to what their procedures are for protecting client data. 

Credibility. Do your homework. It doesn’t hurt to go on Google Reviews or check any providers’ website for testimonials.  

Scalability:  If you land a big account, you don’t want to have to scramble to find new members for your white-labeling team.  Assurance that additional support can be freely added to your team should be something you look for in a provider.  

White labeling can allow your agency to be more productive and maximize the creativity of your executives.  You don’t need to do all of your marketing yourself, so long as you can find a service that can provide the quality work needed to do it right. 

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