Top Marketing Trends for 2022

by | Jan 13, 2022 | Marketing

With digital ad spend worldwide in 2021 reaching $389B, 14.6% more than 2020, businesses need to be prepared in 2022 to take advantage of the evolving digital marketing technologies. Here are five digital marketing trends the savviest business marketers will use to convert leads, generate content, and track results.

Nano and Micro Influencer Marketing

In 2022, influencer endorsements will continue to be a powerful marketing tool to raise brand awareness and generate leads. Traditionally, the holy grail for businesses has been to align with a mega-influencer, a social media celebrity with more than 1 million followers, to promote their brands on social media. However, the market is now shifting towards to using nano (influencers with less than 10,000 followers) and micro-influencers (influencers with less than 100,000 followers).

Studies show that nano and micro influencers actually drive the highest engagement rate. With a more targeted and engaged audience than mega-influencers, nano- and micro-influencers will present businesses with a unique opportunity to reach niche markets.


Search engine optimization remains one of the most valuable forms of digital marketing. In 2022, SEO algorithms will continue to evolve and demand that marketers focus on producing relevant content, refreshing existing content, and providing a meaningful experience to site visitors. Businesses will need to concentrate on providing a positive user experience, at every stage of their interactions with customers.

Websites must be user and mobile friendly, have seamless navigation, relevant content, offer an outstanding page experience and be fast. In mid-June of 2021, Google began rolling out a page experience update designed to consider several page experience signals, including three Core Web Vitals metrics.  These metrics measure page load time, interactivity, and visual stability of page content.  How important will these metrics and page experience be for SEO in 2022 and beyond? According to Google Search Central, “A good page experience doesn’t override having great, relevant content. However, in cases where there are multiple pages that have similar content, page experience becomes much more important for visibility in Search.”

Businesses who succeed at combining these elements in the right way can advance their SEO, improve audience engagement, increase customer interactions, and build conversions.

Algorithms and AI

Digital marketing, including social media feeds, SEO, and pay per click advertising, is expected to become more algorithm and AI driven. Businesses can capitalize on this trend by using AI and machine learning to find the right marketing channel to guide customers through their marketing funnel. Businesses can employ tools such as live chats, lookalike audiences for paid ads, and segmentation to create more personalized experiences.

Social Awareness

The value consumers place on supporting companies with a mission or give back in some manner, is expected to grow in 2022. Businesses looking to expand their reach and improve brand awareness can take advantage of this trend, and bring attention to social, ethical, and environmental issues that are important to them by partnering with charitable organizations and nonprofits.

Start Your 2022 Marketing Planning Today

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