How Virtual Paralegals Can Help Drive Success in Family Law Firms

by | Jun 22, 2023 | Legal

With the fast-paced nature of the legal industry, it is important to have someone available who can handle time-sensitive tasks quickly and cost-effectively. A virtual paralegal can be an ideal solution if you’re a family law practitioner looking to streamline your practice and reduce costs. Virtual paralegals offer numerous services to help you operate more efficiently and save time and money. Here are four ways a virtual paralegal can improve the productivity of your estate planning firm: 

Providing Office Support

A virtual paralegal can bring expertise and legal administration experience to your team, making daily operations more effective. In addition to offering expertise in billing and invoicing, they can assist with client intake procedures and other administrative duties. Additionally, they can calendar key deadlines and court appearances and ensure that all documents are filed timely, accurately and efficiently.

Another advantage of hiring a virtual paralegal is that it is less expensive than hiring an in-house employee while still providing the same level of service that you would expect from a traditional paralegal.

Case Management

As a family law practitioner, you may be challenged to manage caseloads while staying on top of the latest legal developments and regulations. Hiring a virtual paralegal is an efficient way for a small practice to remain competitive in the legal market and provide quality service to its clients.

Virtual paralegals can assist your family law firm by handling some of the administrative tasks associated with case management. This includes conducting legal research, organizing documents, drafting legal pleadings and correspondence, and preparing case summaries and reports. Additionally, virtual paralegals can be invaluable resources during client interviews by effectively collecting information you need to represent your clients in court or mediation.

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Document Preparation and Drafting

Virtual family law paralegals help prepare separation agreements, debt and asset lists, pleadings (complaints, answers, notices, discovery, and motions), witness and financial affidavits, and other important case documents. They can format documents in compliance with court rules, and are well versed in e-filing requirements, making them ideal for helping you finalize and file legal documents quickly and accurately. This saves the client money while also saving you time.

Virtual family law paralegals can also help with various trial preparation tasks, such as preparing exhibits, requesting, and responding to discovery, and ensuring mandatory disclosures have been met. They can also be responsible for researching relevant statutes and case law to support your arguments during trial and ensure that all paperwork is organized and properly filed in accordance with the court’s trial deadlines.

Client Communications

As a family law attorney you must consult with your clients on matters requiring informed consent as soon as possible and keep them updated on the status of their cases. A virtual paralegal can help:

  • Screen potential clients.
  • Gather information from clients to respond to discovery requests.
  • Provide clients with status updates and schedule meetings with the attorney when the client’s consent is required.

Virtual paralegals can be an effective and efficient resource for family law firms. They are cost-effective, offer various services, and have the expertise to save valuable time. By taking advantage of these services, your firm can stay ahead in the competitive legal market. A reliable virtual paralegal will ensure that your practice runs smoothly and efficiently.

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