The Benefits of Hiring Virtual Paralegals for Immigration Law Firms

by | Aug 2, 2023 | Legal

Immigration attorneys are often tasked with a large workload and sometimes need assistance to manage their cases efficiently. Experienced virtual paralegals can provide your firm with the assistance it needs to streamline your practice and cut costs. Here are four ways a virtual paralegal can improve the productivity of your immigration practice:

Providing Administrative Assistance

Experienced immigration virtual paralegals can assist you with various back-office responsibilities, including billing, invoicing, client intake, client communications, and other basic office tasks. They can also calendar key deadlines and court appearances, enabling you to organize your time better and focus on clients.

Another advantage of hiring a virtual paralegal is that they are less expensive than hiring an in-house employee while still providing the same level of service that you would expect from a traditional paralegal. An effective virtual paralegal can free up your time so they you concentrate on more complicated cases and work more efficiently.

Case Management

As an immigration lawyer, you frequently face the challenge of managing a large caseload. With so many cases to handle, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the document production and research required for each case. Fortunately, virtual immigration paralegals are a great resource for streamlining your case management process.

Virtual paralegals can help your firm by handling administrative tasks related to case management such as conducting legal research, coordinating translations and certifications of documents, monitoring case statuses and tracking updates, assisting with the recruitment process for PERM visas, and scheduling client interviews with USCIS embassies and consulates.

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Document Preparation and Drafting

Immigration attorneys are often overwhelmed with preparing legal documents and pleadings. A virtual immigration paralegal can help lighten this burden, enabling you to better serve your clients without sacrificing quality or accuracy.

Virtual immigration paralegals can perform many tasks as an in-person paralegal, such as researching relevant laws and regulations, preparing paperwork for filing with government agencies, drafting pleadings for immigration court proceedings, reviewing documents and forms for accuracy and correctness, and proofreading final drafts. They can also help you prepare and complete various immigration documents, including UCSIS forms, petitions, and applications.

Client Communications

It can be difficult to assist your clients in navigating a complex immigration system. You must ensure that your clients understand the process and are kept up to date on any changes that may affect their case, and you must provide regular updates with simple explanations of steps taken, paperwork filed, and deadlines met. A virtual paralegal can help:

  • Gather information and documentation from clients.
  • Coordinate translations.
  • Provide clients with status updates and schedule meetings with the attorney when the client’s consent is required.

Virtual paralegals are an effective solution for immigration attorneys looking to maximize resources and reduce costs. They can help streamline processes, free up time for tasks that better utilize your expertise, and ensure that your practice runs smoothly and efficiently.

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